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MP-233 Sporting and Hunting Gun

The model initiates new line of sporting and hunting guns and implements a number of well-proven MP-27М design concepts with new elements for better customizing the gun to various user demands:
- removable trigger group makes cleaning and lubrication easy, provides for increased safety at storage and facilitates replacing the options of trigger group.
- ergonomically perfected stock with a palm swell on the pistol grip features the recoil- absorbing buttplate with a plastic heel to provide better pointability and ease of swing.

Options of МР-233 gun:

  • MP-233 (MP-233E) - regular double trigger;
  • MP-233A (MP-233EA) - single selective trigger.

The options marked “E” provide automatic removal of spent shells.

MP-233EA shotgun can be supplied as “Sporting” version which offers:

  • barrel unit with wide rib and two sights: red polymer front sight, metal rear sight
  • threaded muzzle for screw-in chokes
  • ported barrel to reduce the felt recoil and muzzle flip after a shot

The stock and forend are made of top-quality walnut.

On order comes complete with screw-in chokes.



Set of removable trigger units



Gauge Barrel length, mm Weight, kg
12/76 660
750 (in serial production)

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