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"BAIKAL-442" Sporting Pistol (for export)

Sporting version of the Makarov pistol.

Blow-back operated. DA hammer-type firing action.

Dependable safety system: LH side located spring safety decocks the hammer and blocks firing pin and slide.

Preserves advantages of combat prototype: compact size, easy handling and perfect safety.

On order available with:

    • Laser Target Pointer;
    • magazine-release button.




Cartridge Magazine capacity, rounds Barrel length, mm Overall dimensions, mm, max Weight, unloaded, kg, max Sight
9 mm Makarov 8 93.5 161x127x30.5 0.73 Fixed (adj.)
9 mm Makarov 10
93.5 165x127x34 0.78 Fixed (adj.)

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