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AO-111 Automatic Filling Machine

Intended for filling non-aerated liquids (milk, kefir, sour cream produced by the reservoir method, juices etc.) into polyethylene bags. Packing material: polyethylene film in reel for milk products approved to use in contact with food-stuff by Russian Ministry of Public Health.

Upgraded version of М6-ОР3-Е machine added by FESTO and Camozzi pneumatic autotune system. Available completed with bag and case conveyor.

    • Machine Type: vertical, single-line, cyclic operation.
    • Dosator Type: liquids.
    • Dosing Method: volumetric.

Processing operations provided:

    • Bactericidal film treatment.
    • Shaping bags of film.
    • Marking the date on film (max 8 figures).
    • Filling bags with the product.
    • Pumping out.
    • Cutting off.




Specifications AO-111
Output, bags/min max 25
Bag capacity, liters 0,25; 0,5; 1,0
Permissible dosing error, %, max 2-4
Film dimensions, mm:
thickness 0,09 +/- 0,01
width 320 +/- 5
reel dia, max 320
reel core dia 75+5
Bag size (without filling), length, width, mm 110…225х150
Rated consumed power, kW 1,25
Machine drive pneumatic
Air consumption, m3/h 50
Air consumption, m3/h without conveyers 35
Inlet air pressure, MPa 0,6 +/- 0,06 (6 +/- 0,6)
Cooling water consumption, m3/h 0,2
Voltage 220V; 50Hz
Overall dimensions, mm (length, width, height) 1590 x 950 x 2630
Weight, kg, max 400

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