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FL2 Packaging Unit for free flowing products

Automatic sacking unit is intended for dosing by weight and packing of free flowing products (cereals, granulated sugar, salt, fertilizers etc). Products are packed into polymeric, paper or flax-jute sacks of open type with the further removal forward the lacing area.

The line implements:

    • Dosator with a main and extra fill up gates.
    • Set of weighing heads (2 or 3).
    • Hopper with a sack lock.
    • Conveyor.

Control system enables:

    • Ranging of sacked product weight at its density of 2700 kg/m3 within 25 to 75 kg.
    • Totalizing of output.
    • Automatic "0" tuning within 1,5% of max weighing limit.




Specifications FL2
Line output, ton/h, min:
- scales number - 2, sack weight - 50 kg 24
- scales number - 3, sack weight - 50 kg 36
Weighting channels number, pcs 2 (3)
Permissible dosing error at constant product moisture, % 0,5
Machine drive combined: pneumatic and electric
Compressed air consumption, m3/h, max 150
Overall dimensions in run position, mm (length, width, height) 1550 x 4500 x 4500
Weight, kg, max 2000

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