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PROGREKS-05-IMZ Programmer

Programmer PROGREKS-05-IMZ is intended for contactless monitoring of parameters of implantable cardiac pacemakers Baikal-332, EKS-323-IMZ, EKS-321-IMZ, EKS-310-IMZ, EKS-501, etc. via magnetic or telemetering communication channel.

The programmer consists of the programming control block and connectable programming magnetic or telemetering heads.
The telemetering head programmes:
- Baikal-332 IS-1-3,2;
- Baikal-332 - 5,2.
The magnetic head programmes:
- EKS-323-IMZ, EKS-321-IMZ;
- EKS-310-IMZ, EKS-501.

The updating of universal programmer for new models of pacemakers is carried out by upgrading the version of software.

The programmer provides fulfillment of additional functions such as:
provision of telemetering data exchange channel with pacemaker;
- diagnostic and test modes.

The programmer may be supplied in two variants:
- Without magnetic head.
- With magnetic head (available on separate order)


The programmer generates the coded sequences of magnetic pulses or telemetering pulses which provide programming of the cardiac pacemaker parameters on a distance of 2-5 sm.

The programmer enables programming of pacemakers as follows: one parameter at one cycle, all parameters at one cycle and programming of standard parameters according to the type of cardiac pacemaker.

Parameters and their values are determined by the type of pacemaker.

Readiness of programmer for programming is confirmed by blinking of light-emitting diode on the heads.

The programmer automatically disconnects the indication after expiration of 2+1 min after the last contact with touch display or pressing any button.

Preset time of operating mode does not exceed 2 sec.

The programmer, magnetic and telemetering heads are accommodated in plastic cases.

Front panel of the programmer offers the following:

  • LCD display combined with the touch display;
  • Buttons: “emergency mode”, "input", "cancel", "programming", "standard", "service";
  • Buttons: ↑ ↓ ← →

Lateral face of programmer accommodates a power-off switch.

The back panel of programmer features: compartment with cover for batteries, socket for connecting the telemetering (magnetic) head, socket for connecting the PC (RS-232).

The case of telemetering (magnetic) heads locates:

  • LED diode of readiness for programming;
  • programming initiation button.

Power supply of programmer is ensured by four standard AA batteries 1.2 V (capacity min. 2000 mA) or alkaline AA batteries of 1,5 V.

Time of continuous work from batteries is not less than 10 hours.




Overall dimensions: PROGREKS-05-IMZ
programming control block 285x185x90 mm
telemetering head 165 x 65 x 32 mm
magnetic head 155 x 100 x55 mm

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