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New trend in air weapons driven by energy of air compressed up to 200 bar in a special cylinder.

Pre-charged pneumatic combines the positive features of both compression and CO2 systems or independence from ambient temperatures and continuous shooting without air injection between shots.

Trigger unit is adjustable for trigger location, travel and pull.

"Dry hammer release" allows a sportsman to perfect triggering technique without a shot and use of valving to prolong service life of the gun.

Ergonomic stock with a buttplate adjustable for length, vertical and angular positions. Cheek piece’s inclination and height can be also tuned up.




Pellet Trigger pull (adj.), N Trigger travel (adj.), mm Pressure in reducer chamber, bar Cylinder shooting capacity, min Barrel length, mm OA length, mm Weight, kg
4.5 mm (.177) 0.49...1.47 0.2...2.0 80 450 400 1200 4.7

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