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МР-142К Carbine

Baikal’s new line – magazine carbine of a modular design. The modular concept Implemented in МР-142К allows customizing the gun individually by supplying barrel units of various calibre and length.

Basic features of new model:
● joint (patented) of removable barrel provides stability of mean impact point upon removal-installation of barrel unit.
● rotary breech bolt; double-row barrel locking by three lugs mounted on bolt head provide for high strength and rigidity of lock unit.
● three-position safety (“fire”, “safe unloading”, “safety on”) on top surface of pistol grip allows easy control for right- and left-hand shooters;
● removable single-row box magazine
● trigger group adjustable for trigger pull (1,2 – 2,4 kg) and travel;
● provision to mount a scope
● “Varmint” barrel option (muzzle dia of 20,5 mm).




Calibre Magazine capacity, rds Barrel length, mm OA length, mm Weight, unloaded, kg, max
.223 Rem
.30-06 Springf
3 (.30-06 Springf., .308Win; 9,3x64); 4 (.223 Rem.) 50 (.223 Rem.; .308Win; .30-06 Springf.); 600 (.30-06 Springf., 9,3x64, .308Win) 1170  (barrel 600 mm) 3.85

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