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MP-438 Standard Target Pistol

Developed after the IZH-35M standard pistol that previously enabled the shooters of USSR / Russia teams to win 12 (5 gold) medals in World and European contests and championships and to gain two victories in the World Cup-finals.

In compliance with new rules of the International Shooting Union (ISU) the pistol can be applied for shooting both fixed targets and rapid fire against collapsible targets (exercises MT - 5, MT - 8 etc.) at 25 m. Ammunition: 5,6 mm (.22LR) rimfire rounds.

In contrast to basic model features the following:

  • shock-absorber to increase stability in shooting;
  • sight mounted directly on frame keeps adjustment at trigger group removal for cleaning, lubrication and repair;
  • system of balancing loads for tuning the mass and inertia attributes of pistol;
  • additional adjustments of trigger group;
  • all orthopedic grip fixture points repeat those of basic model to allow the shooters using of individual grips at model change to MP-438;
  • improved repairability of trigger group.






Calibre, mm Trigger travel (adj.), mm Magazine capacity, rds. Sight radius, mm Trigger pull (adj.), N OA dimensions, mm Weight, kg
5.6(.22 LR) 1...2.5 5 220 10...12.5 300x50x150 1.4

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