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MP-651K-23 CO2 Sporting Pistol

Single-shot sporting option of MP-651K CO2 modular pistol.

Intended for novice shooters and club events.

Developed to comply with requirements and recommendations of RF Shooting Union leading trainers. The pistol design also meets requirements of Competition Rules for shooting (class “Standard Air Pistol”) and can be applied for training and competitions.

Adjustable for trigger travel and pull. Equipped with an open sight and micrometrically adjustable for windage and elevation.

Shoots pellets such as "Finale Match" etc. Energy source - 12 g CO2 disposable cylinders. Minimum 60 shots with one cylinder.

Delivery set includes reloadable CO2 vessels and refilling device to replace the disposable cylinders and considerably decrease the cost of a shot.




Calibre Muzzle velocity, min, m/c Muzzle energy, J, max Trigger pull (adj.), N Barrel length, mm Weight, kg, max Trigger travel, mm Preliminary trigger travel (adj.), mm Patterning at 10 m, mm, OA dimensions, mm, max
4.5 mm (.177) 120 7.5 4.9...9.8 230 0.8 0.5...1.0 1.0...2.5 10 340x170x50

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