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MP-661K "DROZD" Automatic CO2 Pistol with Hopper Loading

New version of unique automatic CO2 pistol with a well-merited reputation of one of the most popular pistols in this class of weapons combines modern style and recent developments of IMZ designers.

Intended for plinking.

Size and appearance of pistol remind a modern submachine gun.

Implements the designers’ ideas well-proven with the previous model.

Electronic trigger block allows single or burst shots. Fire-rate adjuster and burst-length delimiter.

The pistol is equipped with a hopper-type magazine of large capacity which accommodates 400 BBs. For shooting are used 12 g CO2 cylinders. Owing to special piercing device three 12g CO2 cylinders can be connected simultaneously.

This upgraded model has allowed to increase significantly the fire rate that gives a user a higher excitement from automatic shooting.

Capacity of one battery set - 5000 shots.







Calibre, mm Magazine capacity, BB Muzzle velocity, m/s, min Muzzle energy, J, max Barrel length, mm Fire rate spm (adj.) Burst length, BB Power supply OA dimensions, mm Weight., kg, max
4.5 mm (.177) 400 120 7.5 190 300, 450, 600 3, 6 6 batteries, AA (LR6) 700x235x53 2.6

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