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Developed in respect of best practice and hints of trainers leading the "Shooting union of Russia” and intended for initial training in sports’ shooting and club events.

The gun design meets the rules of shooting contests in class of “Standard Air Pistol” and may be recommended for both training and competitions. Specs qualifying the weapon of above class are achieved by the magazine of special design, high-quality barrel with a muzzle narrowing (similar to that of МР-46М air pistol) and heat exchangers. All this allows demonstrating the high patterning at rather inexpensive, safe and simple-in-handling energy source - disposable 12 g СО2 cylinders. In addition the product is completed with СО2 rechargeable capacities *, which may also lower the cost of a shot.

The trigger mechanism allows tuning of trigger pretravel and pull. Sighting device is micrometrically adjustable for windage and elevation.

Convenient handling and ergonomics are supported by orthopedic grip and ability to accept additional balancing weighs on standard-size Picatinny rail attached to the barrel casing.

* Rechargeable set is available on Customer’s order







Calibre, mm Muzzle velocity, min, m/s Barrel length, mm Muzzle energy, max. J Trigger pull, adjustable, N (kg) Number of shots with one CO2 cylinder, min OA dimensions, mm Weight, max, kg
4,5 120 230 7,5 4,9 ... 9,8 (0,5...1,0) 60 340х170х50 0,8

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