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MP-27М "JUNIOR" Double Barrel Gun

Light and compact version of the popular model MP-27. The new gun may be successfully used for hunting and target shooting, as well as for initial experience in handling the guns.

The gun is intended for ladies and teenagers, so the basic stock sizes are adopted for body build of this group of shooters.

Light-weight receiver adopted for small gauges, shorter barrels, rubber buttplate make the MP-27М «Junior» very comfortable in shooting and hunting on the move.

Forend and stock of MP-27М «Junior» are made of high-quality walnut.



MP-27M & MP-27M "JUNIOR"



Gauge Chokes top/bottom barrel Barrel length, mm OA length, mm Weight, kg
20/76 Screw-in chokes 610 1010 3.0


Gauge Сhokes Barrel length, mm Overall length, mm Weight, kg
top barrel bottom barrel
28/70 M IC 610
1010 3.0
.410/76 F IM 610
1010 3.0

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