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MP-43KH Side-by-side Hammer Shotgun

The only Russian quantity-produced side-by-side hammer shotgun. Intended for those who admire classicism and traditions of Russian hunt.

Exposed hammers and side plates impart to the gun a genuine look of antique weapon.

Model preserves the best properties of MP-43 line such as high quality, reliability and long service life added by lower break-opening effort.

Perfectly safe handling is supported by:

    • hammer rebound to provide perfectly safe break-opening;
    • unique (patented) trigger action secured against accidental discharge until the triggers are not pulled;
    • hammer design preventing the firing in case of accidental hit against the hammers cocked;
    • automatic safety that locks sears and triggers.





Gauge Сhokes Barrel length, mm Overall length, mm Weight, kg
RH barrel LH barrel
12/70 C, M C, F 510; 660; 710; 750
1150 (barrel 750 mm) 3.4

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