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MP-60, MP-61 Air Rifles

Spring-piston rifles for gaining initial skills in handling the weapon.

High quality, affordable price and versatile design define the rifles as ideal weapon for sporting and plinking. Adjustable stock length and provision to mount scope or red-dot sight.

Fixed barrel, side-cocking lever and the pellets’ slide feeder secure excellent patterning.

Interlock device built in cocking action enables safe handling and prevents a shot if the cocking lever is not fully latched.

MP-60 – single loader.

MP-61 – 5 pellets repeater.

МР-61-09 – intended for initial practice in shooting and training of novice biathletes. Shoots the airgun pellets of “Finale Match”-type. Magazine capacity – 5 pellets.

Forend and stock material – plastic.



Stock is pulled in


Stock is pulled out to the maximum


Reloading mechanism



Model Calibre Shot pattern, mm Muzzle velocity, m/s Sighting radius, mm Muzzle energy, J, max Barrel length / OA length, mm Trigger pull (fixed), N Effort to compress main spring, N Weight, kg
MP-60 455 mm (.177) 8.5 150 7.5 450/775 2.1
MP-61 4.5 mm (.177) 20 130 7.5 450/775 2.1
MP-61-09 4.5 mm (.177) 12 100 550...590 7.5 450/990 8 (0.81) 84 (8.5) 2.3

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