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MP-94 "SEVER" Over-Under Combination Gun

Design and interaction of main components clone those of MP-27M shotgun. The top-located rifled barrel facilitates reloading of small-caliber rounds. Barrel block is removable.

Trigger group built into receiver simplifies the design and, accordingly, improves reliability of gun as a whole.

Spent shells are pulled from chambers by ejector at opening the barrels.

Safe handling is supported by:

    • automatic safety which locks sears when hammers are cocked and prevents accidental discharge when barrels are unclosed;
    • extra-safety (trigger interceptors) that prevents accidental shot when the hammers are released without trigger pull.

Stock and forend material: first-class walnut or beech.

Open sighting device features a windage-adjustable rear sight and elevation-adjustable front sight.

Provision to mount a scope.

On order supplied with screw-in chokes.




Top barrel calibre Bottom barrel gauge Barrel length, mm Overall length, mm Weight, kg
20/76 600 1050 3.0...3.4 (depends on the option)

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