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MP-94 "EXPRESS" Over-Under Rifle

Patterned after the MP-27M shotgun.

Reinforced locking system developed with allowance for “Magnum” ammunition enables firing powerful bullet rounds.

Ribless joint of barrel block with a loose-fitted top barrel and the mean impact points adjuster provide for stable accuracy at intensive shooting and zeroing of mean impact points of each barrel to a common centre at change of a cartridge load.

Safe handling is provided by:

    • automatic safety that blocks sears, when the hammers are cocked and prevents casual shot when barrels are unlocked;
    • extra-safety (trigger interceptors) excluding shots when the hammers are accidentally released without a trigger pull.

Stock and forend are made of first-class walnut or beech.

Open sighting device features a windage-adjustable rear sight and elevation-adjustable front sight. Provision to mount a scope.

On order available with extra smoothbore and combination barrels





Calibre Barrel length, mm Overall length, mm Weight, kg, max Serial production
.30-06 Springfield
7,62x51 (.308Win)
600 1050 3.5...3.9 (depends on option) YES
.222Rem 600 1050 3.5...3.9 (depends on option) NO

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