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MP-94MP Over-Under Combination Gun

This new model is a revival of inexpensive and light combination gun - concept of MP-56 “Belka”, produced by the end of ‘50s – early ‘60s.

Owing to compact receiver and ribless barrel unit, MP-94 has a reduced weight, that makes this model attractive for fans of long walking-tours.

The combination of gauges and calibres, including .410 slug rounds, promotes the use of gun for various hunts – from small to medium-size hoofed game.

Hammer-type firing mechanism offers automatic cocking and single trigger. Trigger group has a tang-mounted barrel selector.

Non-automatic push-button safety, located at the rear of trigger guard, locks the trigger.

Open sights feature a windage-adjustable rear sight and elevation-adjustable front sight. Provision to mount a scope.

Stock and forend material: first-class walnut, beech, birch or plastic.




Top barrel calibre Bottom barrel bore Barrel length, mm Overall length, mm Weight, kg
.17HMR(option is at stage of customer demand analysis)
.410x76 600 1012 3.2

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