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MP-153 & MP-153C Semi-Automatic Guns

Popular semi-automatic smoothbore shotgun offers a wide range of applications: from various hunts and target shooting to law enforcement and self-defence.

Actually the MP-153 is the only domestic sample of semi-auto guns chambered in 12/89 and showing dependable performance with full range of 12 gauge rounds – from 12/70 to 12/89 in all combinations without additional adjustments and rearrangement. The option with 76 mm chamber is also available.

Gas-operated system. Gas cylinder accommodates an automatic pulse regulator.

The breechblock attached directly to the barrel provides stable and durable lock and relieves the chamber when a shot takes place. Receiver is made of aluminium alloy.

Gas exposed elements (bore, chamber, piston, gas chamber, external surface of magazine tube) are Нchrome plated. Valve and piston rings are made of stainless steel.

Removable hammer-type trigger group provides for safety functions, or:

  • prevents shots when the bolt is not fully locked,
  • blocks the trigger by manual safety.

Under-barrel tubular magazine. An extender can increase the magazine capacity. Rubber recoil pad relieves recoil.

MP-153 offers excellent reliability, high firing rate, faultless performance and versatility in ammunition.


With screw-in chokes for lead and steel shot.

W/out a rib (fixed open sights).

Options of stock and forend:

  • walnut or beech, rubber buttplate,
  • polymer, rubber buttplate,
  • folding stock.



Screw-in choke



Gauge Сhokes Barrel length, mm Overall length, mm Weight, kg
fixed screw-in
12/76 C, M, F C, IC, M, IM, F, XF 610
1280 at 750 mm barrel 3,45 - wooden stock,
3,5 - polymer stock
12/89 C, M, F C, IC, M, IM, F, XF 610
1280 at 750 mm barrel 3,45 - wooden stock,
3,5 - polymer stock

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