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MP-221 "ARTEMIDA" Side-by-Side Rifle

Unique combination: express-type SbS gun of classic appearance and innovative concept of barrel block, which provides for close and stable patterning. The shotgun for admirers of “regular” hunt.

The MP-221 “ARTEMIDA” features:

    • elegant appearance and small weight owing to a small-bore receiver adopted from basic MP-43 model;
    • perfect safety in operation owing to automatic safety that locks sears and triggers;
    • stability of dispersion and mean impact point. If a cartridge load has been changed the mean impact point of each barrel can be zeroed to a common center via ribless joint of barrel unit, loose fit of RH barrel in the sleeve and a jack-type horizontal adjuster.

Sighting device: open front and rear sights. Long rail for a scope mount.

Stock and forend are made of extra-quality walnut or beech.





Calibre Barrel length, mm Overall length, mm Weight, kg
7,62x51 (.308Win)
.30-06 Springfield
.45-70 Government
600 1050 3.3...3.5

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